As a business, we have made conscious decisions about how we want to operate. We articulate this through the following principles:

  1. Automate low-level work, (like exchanging content or writing standard projects or payment emails) frees up mental bandwidth and energy to focus on our clients and energize ourselves.
  2. Never ever sell, we recommend cohesive strategies that deliver the results most important to our clients’ success and ask revealing questions to help them make the decision that’s best for them.
  3. Don’t over-automate, we are efficient with our communication and processes but not at the scarface of personal interaction and engagement.
  4. Follow a process on every project, you can lead projects to a predictable result by following a process. The in-between may get messy, but the desired outcome won’t change. Follow a process and you’ll get to the end successfully.
  5. Set, clarify, and manage expectations, disappointment is only possible when the thing someone receives differs from what they expected. That’s why we prioritize setting and managing clear expectations before, during, and after every project.
  6. Start with the big picture and follow-through in the details, as VanGogh once said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” We always deliver the brand vision we say we will, communicate openly when that vision is at risk, and then correct course.
  7. We use graphics, design, and images to support content. Starting with color instead of the concept is like painting a house before the walls are up. That’s why we start with content and concepts first, then we build on those concepts with imagery/color/etc.
  8. We are experts who explain, teach, and train, clients are attracted to us because of the insight and expertise we bring to every project. Explaining and recommending strategies that are in thier best interest instills confidence and trust.
  9. Design supports conversion, we consider the marketing and conversion elements in all our designs. We prioritize great looking design built on strong concepts and content, but we do not sacrifice form for function.
  10. Make decisions based on data, not assumptions, data is power. It is unbiased, never “lies,” and can be leveraged to make strategic decisions. We remind our clients that this is in thier own best interest.
  11. We are leaders in AI and ML marketing, AI and ML are the future, we prioritize practical implementation and pioneer its use in our services and operations. It is a critical element of success and we are leading the way.



Hannah and Greg Wilnau