As a business, we have made conscious decisions about how we want to operate. We articulate this through the following principles:

  1. We Do Things On Purpose—Beginning with the end in mind and aligning every action we take to a greater purpose, allows us to focus our creative efforts on achieving a specific result.
  2. We Are Organized—Everything has its place. Everything has a procedure and a purpose. This gives us more energy to focus on doing great work.
  3. We Are Dependable—We meet deadlines. We show up even we don’t’ feel like it.
  4. We Are Detailed—In the way that the smallest thing is completed, the largest thing follows. A detailed approach to all things results in a finished product that is engineered to perfection. We do not cut corners to produce a result.
  5. We Are Honest—There is no situation that would benefit more in the long run from dishonesty. To lie, cheat, and steal to benefit oneself in the short term, is self-defeating. We communicate and we tell the truth. It is okay to make mistakes. But if we can’t deliver on what we promised we make up for it and are honest and frank about it.
  6. We Think Win/Win—We win by helping others win. We protect ourselves by rejecting working with others that do not follow that principle. We believe in protecting our ability to serve others by making sure we only engage with transactions from companies and individuals that share that same mindset.
  7. We Communicate—The quality of the final product is the result of clearly understanding what is expected of all parties. We do not leave things up in the air and we do not leave people wondering what’s going on. If we’re late, we tell them. If we’re experiencing technical issues, we don’t hide it. We keep everyone in the know.
  8. We Believe In Value—We do not base our services on price because it limits the value that we can deliver to the client.



Hannah and Greg Wilnau