Let us design your featured images so that you can get back to making great content.

What you get:

  • Featured images custom designed for you and your brand.
  • We’ll add the text, color overlay, logo, whatever else you want.
  • Jpg files optimized for the Web and look great on all devices.
  • We follow our typical project structure, so you’ll be able to review and critique the designs.

*Batches of 6 or more

To make sure this service is affordable for you (and profitable for us), designs must be ordered in batches of 6 or more. We can’t design one featured image at a time.

Limited Time:

We’re including a batch of 6 custom featured image designs when you purchase our Tier 3 website design and development package.

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Note: Already uploaded example images from GFC batch designs to WD page. Also uploaded a picture of the Stock Images example.

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@jeff_rose: here’s what we’ve got so far for the category featured image templates.

Jeff Rose @greg I think these are great!

If you’d like a design from us or have any additional questions, feel free to CLICK HERE to visit our Contact page and send us a message.