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One-Off Projects

One-off projects have a clearly defined scope (e.g., a website design launch or even a smaller project like a logo design). They are “done” when the scope of work is complete. We invoice for these types of projects in two ways:


A one-time payment always occurs at the beginning of a project. Payments can be made either via PayPal, ACH Transfer, or Credit Card. We add a standard 3% fee to the invoice for credit card payments.


Two installment payments can also be made instead of one single payment. The first installment happens at the beginning of the project and is equal to half of the total invoice amount. The second installment payment occurs 30-days later or when the site is complete* before it goes live—whichever happens first. We add $1,000 to the total invoice amount for installment payment options.

“Add-On” projects

An add-on is an additional “one-off” service not listed in the project’s initial scope. When that happens, we discuss it with you and the price it will be to fulfill it. If you agree, we will add the amount to the balance of the larger project or scope it is apart of that will be due before completion. We may also invoice for it as a separate project if it makes more sense to do so.

Set Up Fees, Time Minimums, and Recurring Payments

Ongoing projects have a different fee structure. Things like: Facebook ad management, email marketing, SEO monitoring, Maintenance—basically, any project with a recurring fee every month.

Set-Up Costs – some projects such as these require more work, in the beginning, to set up that cannot be covered by a reoccurring monthly fee. In that case, we will invoice you for a flat amount or set up payment.

Recurring Payments – Reoccurring charges begin immediately after the one-time setup is complete. This is when ongoing support through the service and recurring billing starts. We automatically charge your card every 30-days for the service amount. We will not increase or alter the amount unless agreed to and discussed.

No Surprise Billing – Your card is charged on the same day/time every month, and we deliver the service for the 30 days that follow. If the amount due is not paid or the card is declined, then the service will pause. Once it is paid, the service will continue for 30-days.

Installment Minimums – Some projects require a minimum time investment on your part that you must commit to at the beginning of the project. Usually, this is a 3-month period (but not always) where your card is charged automatically every 30-days for three months. After that time, you may cancel if you wish. Your card will continue to be charged, and we will continue your service until you cancel.

Transfer Of Ownership

All designs will be built on our servers and reviewed/approved by the client. For one-off projects, such as website launches or small logo designs, all content or designs will be transferred from our servers to yours only after the project’s invoice balance is paid in full.

We will not move a website, transfer any content from our servers, or provide any final design files until the invoice balance is paid in full.

We take ownership transfers (moving the website from our servers to yours) seriously and make every effort to ensure it is an enjoyable experience. In most cases, it’s seamless and happens while you sleep or over a 24-48 hour propagation period.

Once the site or content is live and/or on your server, we’ll hold a hand-off and/or review meeting with you. We will walk you through the back end, make sure you are completely satisfied, and answer any questions you may have.

We may complete the site hand-off/content review meetings on our server on rare occasions before we move the site to your server and/or publish it live. If that is the case, we will invoice you for any remaining balance after the site hand-off/content review meeting and before we move any content to your server.

Logo Asset Transfer (Tier 3 Web Design & Dev Package Or Add-on) – We will deliver logo asset files to you via a Cloud Drive folder link in an email. This will happen before your site hand-off call once the invoice balance has been paid in full. You will receive all high-resolution native asset files and style guide at that time.

30-Day Guarantee

We want you to have a great experience working with us, and we take our reputation as a business very seriously.

You have our complete support, and we guarantee our work after the site is live on your server.

Our 30-day maintenance and/or conversion optimization period(s) begin the day we move your site, landing page, and/or content from our server/accounts to yours.

During this time, we guarantee our work and will address any concerns or issues that may pop up.

In some cases, we will extend support beyond 30-days if an error is noticed that we did not catch during the 30-day support period. We reserve the right to deny this service for any reason. But we have never done that.

* We define a “complete” site as one where the design is finished, you’re satisfied, and it is ready to transfer to your server, out of staging, and/or go live.

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