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At a Glance

Financial Mentor aims to educate others on how achieve financial and personal freedom. One way they educate is with an online course. Everyone has different learning styles, and the company needed effective sales page designs and a user-friendly course UI.



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The Challenge

How do you take lots of content and simplify it so it can be consumed and give users the confidence to apply the principles taught and enable them to move forward in their financial journey?

Our Approach

By simplifying the user journey and utilizing intuitive, we delivered responsive sales page designs and course design with information that was easy to consume, simple to navigate, and pleasantly accessible for all users. We also created a sub-branded logo to distinguish the course from the company brand. 


Commanding pyramid with presence. Color scheme and blocks coming together as a whole, completing the puzzle.

The Seven Steps Pyramid

There are seven steps in the program and each block represents one step in the user’s financial journey. Each step is filled with in-depth information. Getting the perspective right was key in creating a pyramid that shows weight and volume. We created icons, one to represent each step for easy navigation.

Step 3 Course Design

We simplified what could be a complex process for students, combining a helpful expansive side-bar navigation elements that allows students to access the content without feeling overwhelmed. 

Step 3 Course Graphics

We created intelligent side-bar graphics, one for each module, that lend to the user’s curiosity to discover more. We also created clean, responsive grid elements, adaptable content layouts and hover effects. 

Responsive Experience

Responsive content elements that educate and take you where you want to go.


Simple UI

Creative and enthusiastic colors paired with re-assuring typesets, all optimized for the web and made for a greater learning experience.

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