A Beautiful Website that Grows Your Business

Want A Beautiful Website But Don’t Have Time To Build One?

Finally…A Professional Website That Grows Your Business

Whether it’s publishing great content, working with your team or serving your clients, get back to things that grow your business instead of trying to be a web developer.

You have a vision for your website. And are chomping at the bit get going. Maybe you don’t have the time, expertise, or the desire to build it yourself. Either way, you’re looking for somebody you can trust to build your website.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve designed and developed custom websites for some of the most authoritative brands in the personal finance space and we’ve learned a thing or two about the strategy behind a website that works.

Here’s the problem:

Custom websites are pricey. It’s challenging to build a website that works to grow your business so that you can get a return on the investment.

That’s why we put together this website design and development package. It’s custom tailored to fit the needs of your business and give you all the benefits of a custom website without the hefty price-tag.

Here’s how it works…

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One step closer to having your beautiful website.

Fill Out Questionnaire

Customize your package to fit your style and taste.

Get Website In 2 Weeks

Get your site in two weeks and get back to growing your business

That’s it! No more trying to be a developer, or spending countless hours working on your website.

You don’t have to spend time and money you don’t have. And you don’t have to settle for inferior quality because of price.

Purchase Your Package

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A website that leaves a great first impression without the headache of setting it up.

You will get a fully functional, turnkey website, that looks great and works to accomplish the goals of your business.

Fill Out Questionnaire

Customize your website–Our questionnaire will take you by the hand and lead you through every thing we need to build your new website.

Get Website In 2 Weeks

Once the questionnaire is complete, production of your site will begin. During development, your site will go through several phases that includes a walkthrough. We’ll keep in touch with you so you’re never left wondering what’s going on with your site. 


Additional bonuses included with your purchase of any tier.

30 days of maintenance after launch—We never leave you hanging, even after your site launches. We guarantee your site will run smoothly and will squash any bugs. Others charge hundreds for monthly support. It’s all included free for 30 days as a bonus.

Mini-Series—We created a video mini series that will send along through each phase of your website development. These videos are short and to the point. Everything from the questionnaire to suggestions on calls to action, getting more options for your lead magnet, and more. Think of it as a crash course on internet marketing, with the convenience of seeing how it’s applied on YOUR site. Other companies charge thousands for this, but we’re giving it to you absolutely free.

How About A Guarantee?

We’re confident you’ll love your site once complete. Should you change your mind, simply email our support team. If it’s within 30 days of your initial purchase and your site has not entered production, you’ll get a 100% refund. 

Here’s A Summary Of What You Get

  1. A turnkey website that looks professional done for you
  2. A site that you OWN and control
  3. Mobile responseive and looks great on all devices
  4. Scalable and future-proof
  5. Leaves a great impression on visitors
  6. 100% mobile responsive (your site will look great on any device)
  7. Ready in 2 weeks

Are you ready to get all the benefits of a custom website at a fraction of the cost? Purchase your Package and Start Now!


Website Design and Development Package


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What You Get:
  • You OWN the website forever
  • Newsletter optin form
  • Social network integration (up to four accounts)
  • Responsive design for use on tablet mobile devices
  • Search Engine Optimization through Yoast
  • Website security and protection through Wordfence
  • Have a modern, simple clear design that looks professional and enables visitors to focus on the content and calls to action
  • Website Ready in just 2 Weeks

Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my purchase?

To see the demo site we set up for for this pacakge CLICK HERE

Can I look at the questionnaire before making my purchase?

Sure can. CLICK HERE to see the questionnaire for this package.

What's not included?
  • Lifetime CMS training or telephone, chat, or email support
  • Site maintenance beyond 30 days after launch
  • SEO or organic search ranking improvement
  • Management of email, hosting, and domain names
  • Serverside and backend maintenace, updating, troubleshooting or management
  • Designing or redesigning custom featured images for each blog post (tier 3 includes 8 custom feature image designs)
  • Logo Design or Branding
  • Design of custom graphics
  • Resizing/reformatting/editing images or graphics (featured images, content, logo, etc)
  • Any request that requires additional design or code not included in the native child theme
  • WordPress or content marketing consultation
  • Copywriting services
  • Content creation (articles, videos, lead magnet, etc)
  • Editing or formatting existing content such as individual articles or podcast show notes
What platform will you use to build my site?

We will use WordPress to build your site and a custom child theme we created specifically for this package.

How flexible are you with deviating from the demo site design and questionnaire?

We narrow the customization options to the questionnaire and demo site to deliver the most value for the lowest price. Because of that, we are unable to customize your site beyond the options in the questionnaire.

Do you offer support after my site is finished?

We guarantee your site will work great and be bug free once it launches and will correct any issues up to 30 days after. We also offer a monthly support service that covers regular site maintenance.

Do I own the website?

Yes. You will own and contol your website and are free to do whatever you want with it once it has been built.

Can I use my domain name?

Yes. When your new site is ready, we will point it to the domain name of your choice, as long as you own it, and we’ll set everything up for you. If you don’t own a domain name and aren’t sure how, we’ll lead you thorugh it.

If I order, what's the process to give you my content so you can add it for me?

We have a content questionnaire that points to every section of the site and asks you to provide content for the sections that can be changed. We also created a step by step video guide that will take you by the hand and lead you through the entire process. We are also available to answer questions and offer guidance.

What if I have done things myself already that are included in one of the packages? Is my price the same?

To keep this process as simple as possible, the price of the package is not negotiable.

How long does it take to deliver the live website from the time I order?

Once you submit the questionnaire, your site will be finished 2 weeks after.

Can I have different colors on the website?

Of course. 🙂 Tell us what you want in the questionnaire.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged once, at your initial purchase. If you have further customizations not included in the questionnaire we will charge you for those all at once before publishing your site at the end of the project. We won’t give you any “surprises” or additional charges either. If you make a design request during development not included in the standard package, we will let you know about it and get your final approval before we begin to do the work so you have complete control.

Can I add or change content myself when the site is live?

Absolutely. And it will be easy to do so. We can also give you tutorials once your site is live to show you how.

Can I add new pages myself when the site is live?

Yes. We can also give you tutorials once your site is live to show you how.

Any Questions?

We’re here to answer them. Click the button below to visit our contact page.


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© 2016 | Blucore Enterprise, LLC. All rights reserved.





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