A Great Design Where It Matters Most

“The fold” is the line at which the screen cuts off a page. It’s the first thing people see and compels them to dive deeper into your site or leave it.

If you want your site to impress and convert, our custom above-the-fold design package is for you.

We include Above-the-fold design in our web design packages and additional services. And with rare exceptions, we no longer offer it as a stand-alone service. Please contact us with any questions.

What you get:

Benefit Statement—A sentence that speaks to the desires of your target market.
Call to Action— A button or clickable text that will take the visitor to an important page. We’ll make sure it works and converts (people are clicking on it).
Branding—Color, font, graphic, images, etc. get a custom design that will leave a lasting impression on every fan, follower, and future customer

Investment: 750 USD per page.