It’s hard to grow a brand and monetize a website.

That’s why we offer consultation services.

You want results and we can help you get them.

Consultations happen one-on-one via VOIP (Skype, Hangouts, etc.) and last 60 minutes.

Each consultation is $250 and non refundable.

Conversations are focused. To stay on track, you’ll send an email before the call and bullet point what to discuss (problems you’re facing, questions you have, etc).

During the call, we check-off the list and strategize what to do and together brainstorm solutions.

By the end of the call, you will have next steps to reach your goal. You get email support between calls to keep you on track.

This creates a feedback and accountability loop and a specific point of direction.

If you’re interested in our branding and monetization consultation services, visit our Contact page and send us a message.