Want to fast track your Facebook advertising and have everything you need to scale profitably?

We can get your ad campaign scheduled and running profitably. So you have more leads and sales opportunities.

Our Facebook AD Campaign Accelerator includes a top to bottom account and campaign creation at every point in your current funnel.

You’ll get everything you need to start and scale your ads and get predictable results.

What You Get:

  • Facebook Attribution Setup – see user behavior and track the effectiveness of ads across multiple platforms (email, Facebook, Adwords, desktop, mobile, etc.)
  • Custom Event and Conversion Creation – track individual purchases including the amount of each purchase so you can attribute income to the specific ad it came from, know your return on ad spend and be able to allocate more resources to what’s working and turn off what’s not.
  • Custom Audience (General traffic custom audience, lookalike custom audiences for scale, and interested and very interested audiences to convert your hottest leads into customers and repeat customers)
  • Funnel Map And KPIs – track funnel KPIs and get a handle on each conversion point down the funnel, allowing you to focus on improving specific points in the funnel in a way that is easy to understand and take action on
  • Set Up And Publish targeted ads for each point in your funnel (creative not included)

Everything above is mapped to your existing funnel and then optimized. Like pouring gasoline on a fire, you’ll have a profitable advertising campaign on the back of a funnel that already works.

You’ll benefit from our in-the-trenches experience setting up multiple successful ad campaigns in different industries, and all the results you’d expect when hiring an agency—at a fraction of the price.


We’ve included several bonuses with this package to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Bonus #1: 5 Minutes To Scale System

Get our simple system to scale, monitor, and manage your ads in as little as 5 minutes every day.

Includes all the hacks you’ll need to scale your campaigns and the best tools to save time:

  • Metrics Tracker and Funnel Accelerator (know ALL your numbers every day in only 5 minutes)
  • Profit and Revenue calculator (your return on ad spend at a glance)
  • The “AD Grid” System (develop hooks to grab your customers attention)
  • A/B Split Test Priority (don’t leave your profit and campaign success to intuition and guesses, let the numbers decide)

Bonus #2: Two Hours of 1-1 Training

We give you every tool and then train you and your team on exactly how to use them.

We will give you and your people the knowledge to scale, develop, and profitably implement your OWN strategies. In other words, we don’t feed you. We also teach you how to fish.

Includes two 60-minute live video calls.


The timeline is four weeks. Includes set up and testing stages (two weeks).

Then campaign optimization and training (two weeks).


After your campaign is humming and you see the leads and sales are coming in, we’ll teach you our simple system to monitor, iterate, and scale your campaign successfully. Discover how with only 5 minutes a day. Perfect if you want to maximize your results but don’t have hours to stare at numbers all day.

What Others Say:



The total investment is 6800.

Having a profitable advertising campaign and the knowledge to manage and scale it will give a lifetime return far greater than our small fee.

Next Steps:

Please visit our contact page with any questions or complete this form to tell us about your Facebook ad campaign goals.