Barbary Coast Brewery

Branding, logos, print ads

At a Glance

Barbary Coast was a thesis project Hannah undertook while studying at the University of Central Florida. The project involved creating a brewery brand.

The Challenge

This project was revisited and used as a creative exploration. New elements were altered in the logo and bottle labels. A new slogan was created and applied in the magazine advertisement and billboard design.

Our Approach

The logo was retouched to have a timeless, typeset with a combination of blue, orange and tan.


The warm desert color palette and the California Coast.

Bottle Branding

Lightly-colored, bottle labels complement the beer’s light and crisp flavor profile.


The coined phrase “So good it’s worth going overboard” served as the key message.

Simple UI

Soft and pleasing coastal colors: UI elements that will spark your sense of adventure.

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