Choosing the topic

The most crucial aspect when choosing the topic of your lead magnet is to ensure that it solves your ideal client’s #1 challenge.

Reflect on past clients you want more of: What did they come to you for? What information/resource was the most transformational for their financial journey?

It’s important to note that whatever you decide to create is linked to one or more services you offer. The lead magnet serves as a “warming-up” for your audience. It should reflect how you work and how it feels working with you.

Lastly, the content should be transformational. Nevertheless, there is no need to provide all information. Information overload can result in readers being overwhelmed or not needing your service anymore.  

Once you know what your lead magnet is about, you need to decide the format you’d like to create it in.

Choosing the format

Choosing the format for your lead magnet depends on your target market and the kind of your resource.

Consider how your ideal clients usually digest content best and how the information is best delivered.

Take the prospect through a process, helping them achieve an instant result, one step closer to their goals, rather than just providing them with information.

We found that written formats are most effective for our advisor clients. Some examples:

  1. Checklist
  2. Toolkit
  3. Cheatsheet
  4. Plan
  5. E-Book
  6. Calculator

If you’d like more detailed information about lead magnet marketing and to look at some examples, check out our article about Financial Advisor Lead Magnet- Best Practices for 2022.