Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Event marketing, print ads, apparel

At a Glance

Peterbrooke Chocolatier who produces American Chocolates in the European Tradition, wanted to promote their annual “Wine & Chocolate Night Out” event.

The Challenge

The client wanted a theme that would reflect the spirit and fun that this popular franchise represents, with a touch of sophistication. The client also wanted the staff to wear colorful, designed t-shirts during the event. We created an email marketing piece, Facebook event page, flyer, poster, and t-shirt designs.

Our Approach

To drive customer engagement beyond the event, we created a Facebook event page and email for this franchise location.

Event Collateral

We developed a youthful and sophisticated design solution, with the simple wine glass bottle shapes. The juxtaposition of the bottle and wine glass was saved from appearing somewhat prosaic by capturing the wine mid-pour; a touch that added a welcome element of tension and anticipation.


Smooth textures with vibrant and evocative colors.

Alluring UI

Lively color palette aligned with Peterbrooke’s corporate brand identity. Typography achieves a balance between the elegant and open headline and other content treatments.

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