Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine – Case Study

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Case Studies

Want more leads from your website and content?

The finance niche has the potential to be highly lucrative, which makes it an incredibly competitive field. It’s critical to stand out, particularly online. The place with the most leverage to generate leads is your website!


For this case study, we will be using Jeff Rose’s latest website, to show you what you need, to build a successful online website. 

Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner, author, and blogger of He is the creator of OnlineAdvisorGrowthFormula, a highly successful marketing course for financial advisors and one of Wilnau Design’s premier clients. Subsequently, we have designed his websites to help him achieve more lead generation, sales, and growth for his business. is a fantastic example of how we rebranded his initial websites, and as a result, turned them into another, more focused, income-generating site.

Jeff’s Goals

  1. Build on the success of Good Financial Cents and design a new brand
  2. Leverage the new brand to position himself as an authority in the financial service industry.
  3. Generate more leads from his email captures to sell his digital products and courses.
  4. Create an all-in-one marketing hub for his new brand.


Our Solutions to generate leads

We have a specific redesign process to reboot your website and take it to the top.

Here are the three elements we used to design and run Jeff’s financial website that made it the success it is today:

  1. Authority Web Design
  2. Brand Story & Message for “Wealth Hacker Labs”
  3. Lead Magnets and Conversion


Authority Web Design

When it comes to Authority Web Design, it’s all about taking control of the first impression your brand conveys to first-time visitors to your site. In addition, being aware of the following elements in your design will guarantee you attract attention:

“The Above the Fold” is what people see when they first click on your website. Here you distil the main benefit of your website down to one sentence with a simple call to action (CTA). 

  • The Identity Headline “Rethink Wealth” is the highest leverage point on the entire site. It frames the customer’s perception of your brand. 
  • The positioning statement “Discover a new way to grow your wealth your parents or your school never taught you.” is simple, straightforward, and leaves the reader wanting to know more.
  • The CTA (Call to Action) button, “Show Me” is right beneath, directly leading the visitor to the conversion page. 
  • The picture of Jeff (or who is the face behind the business) creates a connection with the customer, the first step to developing trust.


Connecting to visitors with identity triggers

Another essential element to web design & lead generation that engages and converts prospects are Identity Triggers. As a result, ensure that you place Identity Triggers in your illustrations and copy.

Identity Triggers/Bullets are what make customers trust you as an expert on products or services by relating to your message.

We included a hero’s journey to position Jeff as the mentor who understands where they are now and how he can help them achieve their goals.

When you press on these Identity Triggers that talk to your ideal clients, consequently you guide their thought processes and influence their behaviour.

“Our Future is Bigger Than Our Past.” allows Jeff to identify with his ideal clients, strengthening their belief that their past doesn’t define their future. They have to believe that building wealth is possible for them.

Finding a customer avatar to improve lead generation

To speak directly to your customer’s needs, you need to find your “Avatar”, the general customer persona your website is targeting for engagement. To find your customer avatar, you need to ask yourself:

  • Why are people coming to my website?
  • What are they looking for in life?
  • Do they have questions that need to have answered?
  • What problem do they need to solve?
  • What destination are they trying to get to that they need my direction?


Jeff’s Avatar is probably someone in their mid-twenties, just read “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” and is ready to start building wealth for themselves.

The website’s headlines and overall copy on Jeff’s website speak directly to that person.

In short relating on an emotional level is a powerful technique because people can see themselves within your story and gain hope by connecting to your journey. They see someone successful in doing what they have tried but failed.

You give them the assertiveness that you have the tools and knowledge to get them where they want to be. 


Want to generate leads from your website and content?

Brand Story & Message 

Branding and Messaging is closely knit with Design, it allows you to set your brand apart from other websites. 

Besides knowing who you talk to and being consistent with messaging and branding on your side, you can create authority with your clients by having a Unique Discovery Process (UDP). The best way to accomplish this is by creating intellectual property (IP), something to call your own.

Intellectual property (IP) 


Jeff has The Wealth Hacker™. The concept might be something people have seen before, but now you are framing it in a new, trademarked way.  Trademarks (™) position your brand as an authority and allow browsers to distinguish your services from that of competing businesses.

Lead Magnets and Conversions

The most effective way to continue leveraging the power of IP is to give clear and compelling next steps by using sitewide CTAs. This is a cornerstone of lead generation.

Place them all over! Ensure people who identify with the message and want to take the next step to know precisely where to go.

Above all, having these CTAs on every page means that now your whole website is a conversion machine. Less navigating to find CTA’s means more conversions for your site.

Another goal for this case study was to get site visitors on Jeff’s email list. We utilized a Lead Magnet, to collect emails. The best Lead Magnets offer competitive advantages that are irresistible to the visitor.

Jeff is providing a solution to achieve the success that the customer wants. He shows that he has done it himself and reveals how he can help them: with the Toolkit. By placing CTA’s all over his site, we are giving the viewer clear and compelling next steps. 

Enticing visitors to enter their email addresses to get instant access to the best tools and tips to “Hack My Wealth,” an offer they can’t resist.

Having an extensive email list is one of the primary objectives behind your successful, authoritative website. Most importantly, an email list gives you the power to sell to customers who have already built trust with your brand.

Lead Generation Final Thoughts

Your website should be an asset and assist you in growing your business by generating leads and as a result through its design and message. This case study should give you the foundational understanding of what to include in a successful website.

If you want to know more to elevate your brand in the financial industry, or need help creating your own lead-generating machine, contact us by clicking below.


Stay tuned!

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