The Unique Discovery Process- A Practical Sales Funnel For Advisors

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Financial Advisor Website Design

If you’re like most financial advisors, the goal of your digital marketing efforts is to get your phone to ring and for this to happen you need to have an effective sales funnel on your website.

For most advisors, starting their onboarding process with a discovery or intro call makes the most sense.

Today, we’ll look at how to transform a generic “discovery” call into a Unique Process that your ideal client wants to sign up for!

What is a Unique Discovery Process, Anyway?

A Unique Discovery Process is your prospective sales funnel branded to your advisory firm and optimized for conversion.

It’s a page on your website. Usually, a “Start Here” or “Schedule a Call” page.

The UDP helps you attract your ideal client using targeted language so your prospects can easily figure out whether they might be a good fit for your services.

It also uses the power of intellectual property and / or unique branding. This makes the discovery process remarkable and separates you from your competitors.

The UDP is how you turn a generic discovery into a “red carpet” experience offered by you, and only you.

Having a UDP in place ensures that you capitalize on every drop of traffic coming to your site. You can have the peace of mind of knowing the machine is in place, so when a prospect visits, the site is optimized to get calls.

How the Unique Discovery Process Model Works

You’ve done the work, you have created quality content and share it on your site to get more traffic. Now what do you do with the traffic that comes in?

Most financial advisors lack a sales funnel on their website that is clear and engaging.

When a new visitor comes to your site, they will likely browse around. In case they like your content, you want to make sure that they’ll know how to take the next step with you, otherwise they’ll just leave.

With a UDP you increase your chances of your website visitors entering your sales funnel and booking that call!

A unique discovery process usually consists of three steps:

  1. A 15-to-30-minute meeting to determine whether the prospect is a good fit and whether you are the best person to serve them.
  2. An “explore further” step between your second and third call. Where you or your team review the data and prepare a recommendation for your prospect. This will take the form of a presentation – assessment, plan, overview based on their situation, or similar.
  3. A third call where you’ll show your prospect the presentation, discuss your Unique Service Model, applicable fees, and next steps.

Unique Discovery Process Example: Milestone Asset Management Group

Before working with us, Milestone Asset Management Group’s sales process was a generic CTA button to “schedule an appointment”.

This took the visitor to a calendar page where they had to choose from a large number of appointment options. 

It’s often been said that “confused minds take no action”. 

Their updated Discovery Process features their Financial Milestone Roadmap™. When the user visits this optimized sales page, they know exactly what Milestone is all about, who the Roadmap is for, and what they’re signing up to get.

When creating a Unique Discovery Process, it’s essential to clearly state who the service is for and speak to those prospects needs.

If you want help creating your Unique Discovery Process, click here to visit our contact page and send tell us about your proejct.

Milestone’s current UDP page includes a clear call to action that leads to one calendar with one option where users can schedule their call.

Visitors are clear on who this is for, what they can expect, so any objections at this stage are automatically eliminated.


How to Create The Unique Discovery Process

There are a few things that make a big difference when it comes to crafting an effective Unique Discovery Process. 

Final Thoughts

As an independent financial advisor, it is vital to have an effective sales funnel on your website to get more calls with prospects booked.

By setting up a Unique Discovery Process, you automate lead generation through your site. The UDP is how you turn a generic discovery call into a “red carpet” experience offered by you, and only you.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create a Unique Discovery Process, click here to visit our contact page and tell us about your project.

Stay tuned!

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