The Sub-Brand Strategy

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Financial Advisor Website Design

Many of our financial advisors clients want to make a bigger impact and, ideally, get more clients.

That typically means creating unique content. Usually they’re a part of an existing financial firm with an established brand. They want to relax a little bit, drop the suit and be more personal. They aren’t sure what to do.

By far the most effective approach is to create a sub-brand.

Unique Content: The Sub-Brand Strategy

A sub-brand lives under the influence of a main brand but operates independently of it to generate business. A place where you can be free to create the content you want, in the voice you want, and target the niche you want.

It’s a highly strategic way to leverage your expertise to bring more leads into your existing business.

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Let’s look at a few examples:


Example #1 – Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents and Wealth Hacker Labs

Jeff Rose is the founder of Good Financial Cents. Recently he started a new brand Wealth Hacker Labs.

The WHL target market and brand is very different than GFC.

Jeff pulls from his experience building Good Financial Cents when creating content and trainings for Wealth Hacker Labs.

WHL is a sub-brand of GFC. This allows Jeff to leverage the authority of the GFC brand to grow WHL without being directly tied to it.

If you’d like help with creating a sub-brand, click here to visit our contact page and share your vision with us.


Example #2 – Jonathan Bednar of Paradigm Wealth Partners and What the Wealth?!

Jonathan Bednar is the co-owner of Paradigm Wealth Partners, founder of What The Wealth?!, and host of the What The Wealth?! podcast.

Take a peek at the screenshot below of the What The Wealth?! home page.

While the hero image still shows Bednar in a dress shirt and blazer, he’s surrounded by fun illustrations and imagery. The logo gives off a sense of playfulness as well.

Jonathan uses the What The Wealth!? content to explain difficult to understand financial concepts using doodles. Call to actions drive traffic to his firm’s site, Paradigm Wealth Partners, to book a call with them. Nice!

If you’d like help with creating a sub-brand, click here to visit our contact page and tell us about your project.


We’ve seen many financial advisors use the sub-brand strategy to create a fantastic website, take a look at our top 10 financial advisor websites!

Sub-Branding: Two Things…

There are two keys to making the sub-brand strategy work.

1. Build on personal experiences and perspectives.

Jeff is known for sharing his faith and beliefs in his content. He touches on his military background as well. That relates to a certain kind of audience.

Jonathan shares how he sold Apple stock too early and ended up missing out on thousands of dollars. Again, there are people who can relate to that!

It can be hard to identify the things about you to create a brand that stands out. That’s what our brand story and message process is all about.

What experiences do you have that your prospects can relate to? Any fun stories to tell?

Perhaps you own a Welsh Corgi, or you were a wrestler in college, or play drums in an Hair Metal tribute band (true story)—tidbits like these can help you create a brand with great content.

2. Belief and conviction in the message you’re sharing.

Some of the most effective content marketers in the finance niche are our clients. They believe in their message and have a unique perspective to offer.

If you felt you had something to share that people could benefit from, you’d want to get that message out, wouldn’t you?

Stand behind your convictions. Ask yourself “why you do what you do” and let the answer lead the way.

It’s hard to see yourself objectively to create a brand that stands out. If you’d like help with creating a sub-brand, click here to visit our contact page and share your vision with us.

Final Thoughts

You want to have a bigger impact on your clients and to get more business with unique content.

The challenge is that if you’re part of an established brand and you’re concerned you can’t publish content the way you want.

If you want a fresh start, the solution could be to create a sub-brand with a strong digital marketing strategy that works to bring customers into your main business.

How do you ensure you’re successful with the sub-brand strategy? 1) You build on your personal experiences and perspectives, and 2) you share your message with belief and conviction.

If you’d like help with creating a sub-brand, click here to visit our contact page and tell us about your project.

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